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Notable Transactions


The following transactions were completed with REITS, Law Firms, Private Equity Funds, Lenders, Property Developers, Investment Banks, Hotel Companies and many more:

  Details Approximate Fee and / or Mortgage Amount   Location
  Acquisition of a Residential apartment building $57,000,000   New Jersey
  Refinance of a 64 story office building $86,000,000   New York
  Acquisition of a multi family portfolio $125,000,000   New York & New Jersey
Acquisition of a 9 building office complex on an 85 acre lot
$92,500,000   Alabama
Acquisition of a 10 story Wells Fargo office building

$45,000,000   North Carolina
  Acquisition a 4 building office complex $25,000,000   Virginia
Acquisition of a 14 story office building along with a 5 story parking garage
$45,000,000   New Jersey
Loan credit facility and corporate restructuring of an office building
$160,000,000   New York
Lead Insurer on a acquisition and financing in the amount of $597,000,000
$1,262,000,000   16 US States 32 Sites Nationally
Lead Insurer on a acquisition and financing in the amount of $245,000.000
$542,000,000   15 US States 24 Sites Nationally
Leasehold acquisition of a 13 story office building
$145,000,000   New Jersey
U.N. building acquisition
$114,050,000   New York
Refinance of 20 Automotive parts stores and distribution centers
$48,000,000   Pennsylvania/Ohio
  Refinance of an NYC apartment building $47,000,000   New York
  Multi State, Multi Site  acquisition $490,000,000   12 US States Nationally
  Acquisition of Truck & Rest stop properties $1,700,000,000   39 States, 145 Sites
Acquisition of a 34 story office building and a 7 story parking deck
$68,500,000   Alabama
Credit Facility for 7 industrial sites
$70,000,000   5 US States Nationally
Acquisition of a 30 acre office complex
$30,925,000   Oregon
  Acquisition of a office building and parking area $40,750,000   New York
  Acquisition of 13 medical offices $175,000,000   8 US States Nationally
  Acquisition of 3 commercial parking garages $85,000,000   Indiana
  Acquisition of a 51 story office tower $102,000,000   Louisiana